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About Us

Get the quality your pet deserves!

Our furry friends are everything; family, partners, roommates, inspiration, a bundle of joy, and lots more. They deserve nothing but the best in everything from style to comfort and beyond everything.

At PAWID, we have an amazing philosophy that pets are kings and queens of their caring owners. That’s why we offer the most functional, highly customised, and top-class quality pet products to spread the idea of love and care across all pet lovers.

The ideal way to show your purest affection to your pet is to accommodate it with the best style, durability, and mobility. Luckily, we offer all these through our exquisitely designed pet tags, collars, leashes, and much more!

Our top-notch quality products are meticulously designed with vibrant, colourful materials that customers can choose to show ultimate love for the dog’s capitating personality.

You can select from our wide range of awesome pet collars, permanent laser-engraved tags harnesses, leashes, bandanas, and much more.

Who We Are

PAWID is a passionate pet fashion and functionality store established to help pet owners give their furry friends the ultimate form of care. We are an enthusiastic team of experts who understand everything it takes to foster a loving relationship between pet and owner. These attractive, wagging tails are at the heart of everything we do. So we ensure to honour them with the top-notch quality products.

You can rely on us for extraordinary, purely handmade pet collars, leashes, tags that perfectly match your pet’s special requirements and swag!

Our Story

PAWID is not an overnight dream, but years of hard work, determination, and effort in providing the valued customers with the made-to-fit pet products anytime they need. We have come a long way from starting back in 2017 to having top-rated eBay and Etsy stores. We established this store when we realised the need to have highly customised pet tags, as every pet has its own requirements and measurements, so there should be no one-size-fits-all policy for pets.

So with every passing day, we kept on adding new stuff to our inventory, and today we can proudly announce PAWID is one of the leading online pet stores that offer you a wide range of products at the best prices.

Since being founded, we have inspired thousands of owners, and our pet collection has seen a remarkable expansion.

Surely, our journey has been exciting, and we have a bucket load of love, lots of lessons, and experiences to share. So be a part of our story. 

Mission Statement

To fully commit ourselves to offer the most innovative pet products to facilitate the expression of love and joy through beloved pets to every pet owner.

Vision Statement .

To create a strong community of pet lovers to bring awareness of pet safety and keep bringing the most trendy and suitable products to the pet market. We focus on fulfilling our firm commitment to success and development.

What Make Us Different?

  • Empathy: We are definitely more than just a pet brand. We extremely care about every animal's welfare, and we strongly believe that they should be given the ultimate love and respect they truly deserve. 
  • Customer priority: It matters! PAWID sells exquisite quality pet products to make you 100% satisfied. Customer satisfaction is our priority!
  • Communication: We believe in strong and clear communication. Our talented team ensure they communicate well with you and ensure the right size, fit, and design.
  • Quality: Quality is everything at PAWID! All our customers are sure to find outstanding quality pet products at our store.
  • Fast Shipping: All our customers can enjoy fast shipping to AU, US, UK, and other parts of Europe while ensuring we provide everything at the most affordable prices.