PAWID PET SUPPLY was founded in 2016, starting from the provision of permanent laser-engraving pet tags, Pawid slowly expands the product category, hoping to bring high-quality and cutting-edge products to make pet caring an easier and more enjoyable experience.


DO NOT SETTLE For cheap Engraving that fades over time, Our Permanent Engraving last a lifetime backed by LIFETIME WARRANTY

Our beautiful enamel pet identification jewelry is stylish AND helps your pet to be returned home safely. A pet ID can be read by the rescuer so that they can call you right away.

Our tags are so durable that we have a lifetime guarantee policy.

Each id tag is custom engraved to your specifications and shipped out to you within 3 business days of order completion.

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Enter your custom engraving info by clicking the "Customize Now" button and then enter your info on the following page.