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Whiskers help dogs see in the dark

By Paul Perez October 04, 2022 0 comments

Ever wonder how your dog sees in the dark?

The answer is whiskers.

Yep, those long hairs on your pup's face act as a sort of antennae, detecting changes in air currents that tell them what's around them.

Dogs have evolved over time to rely more on their sense of smell than they do their sense of sight, but when it comes to navigating through the darkness of night, they can use both.

Whiskers help dogs interpret air currents, which allows them to see where they're going even when it's dark outside.

In the wild, dogs use their whiskers to detect movement and sense the size of objects around them. When there's no light, a dog will use its whiskers to help it see by feeling for vibrations in the air.

In fact, scientists believe that dogs' whiskers help them navigate when they're walking around at night—just like we use flashlights!

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